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Bring These When Shopping In A Farmer’s Market

farmer's market

Shopping can be done just about everywhere – whether you’re grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or appliance shopping. But when it comes to shopping in a farmer’s market, there are some points you need to remember.

Those being said, bring these when shopping in a farmer’s market:

A List

Making a list is not just one way for you to remember what to buy. It’s also a way for you to know your priorities. It’s also a way for you to keep track of your expenses. It’s also a way for you to compare prices. It’s also a way for you to be more responsible. It’s also a way for you to be more practical. But most of all, it’s also a way for you to stay on budget. That’s how a list can do for you when shopping in a farmer’s market.

An Eco-Friendly Bag

We know that most shopping malls and other establishments use plastic bags. However, we also know that using plastic bags can have adverse effects to our surroundings. Since going to a farmer’s market is pretty much what others call “manual shopping,” why not make it safer – not just for you, but also for the environment – by using eco-friendly bags? These are not just considered “sturdy bags,” but also convenient bags that you can use for other purposes. You can buy these just about everywhere you look within a farmer’s market.

Exact Amount Of Cash

While most people favor shopping with their credit cards or with big bills, you have to consider that a farmer’s market is not your typical market. It’s a market where farmers – local ones and nearby ones – gather to sell fresh crops in the best possible rates. It’s also a market where farmers gather after long days of harvesting – in their own lands or in other people’s lands – from dawn until dusk. The least we could do is, make it easier for them – by giving the exact amount of cash.

5 Places for Delicious Eats at St Lawrence Market in Toronto

St Lawrence Market

St Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is a historic and bustling market in Toronto. It is one of the world’s most famous s food markets and was picked as the world’s best by the National Geographic in 2012. A popular destination for locals and tourists, St. Lawrence Market is brimming with fresh produce, great-tasting food, and a wide array of items that would delight the shoppers and the curious alike. A visit to this market will never be complete without savoring some of its delectable culinary offerings. With so many food shops to choose from, here are some of the best places for delicious eats.

1. Buster’s Sea Cove
Buster’s Sea Cove is one of the market’s most popular food destinations. It is best known for its seafood offerings like the Boston Blue Fish and Chips, catch of the day sandwiches, salmon steaks, and more.

2. Carousel Bakery
Carousel Bakery may well be one of the busiest, if not the busiest, food vendors in St Lawrence Market. It is famous for its peameal bacon sandwich that has been featured in many leading newspapers and food magazines. The sandwich has become an iconic staple that continues to draw locals and visitors from across the globe.

3. Crepe It Up Café
If you are craving for some crepes while visiting the market, head out to Crepe It Up Café for some freshly-made delicious treats. You can choose from a wide selection of ingredients for your crepe and pair it with a delicious Vietnamese coffee.

4. St. Urbain Bagel
St. Urbain Bagel is another popular food spot in the market famous for its delicious Montreal-style bagels. Some of the must-try include the blueberry, cinnamon-raisin, tofutti, and so much more.

5. Uno Mustachio
Go to Uno Mustachio for some delicious Italian-style sandwiches. Try the veal parmesan sandwich and prepare to be blown by a huge serving of goodness.

Top 5 Things To Do at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

Daiwa sushi

Tsukiji Fish Market is a bustling wholesale market located in the heart of Tokyo. It also happens to be one of the city’s top tourist spots. And if you are wondering why a fish market would even attract hordes of tourists year-round, you need to see and experience it first-hand to understand. Here are some of the top things to do when visiting Tsukiji Shijō or Tsukiji Market.

Visit while it is there
Tsukiji Fish Market
Tokyo’s world-famous fish market is set to move sometime soon. So you might want to visit its current location before it moves to another location. This is a great way to experience the unique character of the old Tsukiji and its surroundings. But before you head out to visit, make sure to check the market calendar to see if it is open on the day and time you plan to go.

See the tuna auction in action
Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction
The tuna action is one of Tsukiji Fish Market’s biggest attractions. But there are only limited slots available per day. So if you want to see it on your visit, make sure that you register early at the Osakana Fukyu Center or the Fish Information Center to get a slot. Some tourists have been known to line up as early as 3:00AM or 4:00AM to get a coveted spot. Registration is free.

Explore the outer market
Tsukiji outer market
Tsukiji Shijō features an inner market and an outer market. If you start your visit with a tuna auction viewing and want to see more of the market, you head out to the outer market. You can explore the many attractions outside while waiting for the time until the inner or wholesale area opens to the public. You can use the time to survey the shops and restaurants at the outer market or enjoy a delicious sushi breakfast while you wait.

Visit the wholesale area
Tsukiji Fish Market
The inner market is a beehive of activity teeming with buyers, sellers, and tourists among many others. Make sure that you pay attention to the flow of foot traffic around you to avoid accidents or inadvertently blocking other people’s way. While inside, you can take photos or watch buyers and sellers in action.

Eat and eat some more
Daiwa sushi
Tsukiji Fish Market is a foodie paradise. It is not only a great place to eat some of the freshest sushi and sashimi in Tokyo but also an excellent spot to eat a wide array of delectable food. There are many sushi restaurants as well as food stalls where you can take your pick of mouthwatering treats. Some of the best places for food you may want to check out include Daisada for some rolled omelette, Onigiri-ya Marutoyo for delicious onigiri with your choice of seafood-based filling, Saito Fisheries for fresh and raw oysters, Sanoki-ya for the fish-shaped sweet called taiyaki, Tsukiji Eel Eatery for an eel rice bowl, and many more.