Using a Band Saw

Make our fruit or veggie stand more attractive with a band saw from! Apart from resetting and resawing edges of a wooden board to upgrade your booth, you can use your band saw for the following:

Make veneer

100percent organic wooden sign

Veneer, which is a thin fancy covering of fine wood, is popularly applied to wood to make the wood look better. Veneer can be used to design your wooden signs on your fruit stand to make buyers get that more natural feel from your store. All you have to do is saw a wooden board into multiple thin pieces with your band saw and voila! You can have a more pleasant-looking booth!

Reset board faces

With your band saw, you can also shape the legs of your tables and design them with intricate curves. Doing so can make your booth stand out from all the others in the market. You can even use the band saw to reorient the face of a wooden board. With a band saw, there’ll be no limit to your imagination and creative skills.

Make bent laminations

Thin laminates which can be bent can also be made using a band saw. Similar to thick veneer, these laminations can be attached to boring or old pieces of wood to change the way they appear.

Tips When Using a Band Saw


Set the guide close to the material

Remember to set the guides near the wood so that the blade won’t be exposed much and that the upper blade will be closer to the lower one. Aside from making it safer for you to saw, setting the guides near the wood will give you the cutting results you want.

True the blade

Round it with a saw blade. This is important when making tight curves, and it could also lengthen the life of your blade. Rounding it will reduce the vibration generated by the blade as well. Make sure you start by removing the back corners before truing the back. Usually, this process will take about five minutes. You could also make use of the stone that comes along with scroll saw blades.

Start at the shallowest angle

Always begin at the shallowest angle when making a contoured cut. Otherwise, the edge would be ragged due to the blade that can easily veer away from the line and pop out.