The Famous Cannabis Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are distinguished for having various rows of tables filled with colorful goods cultivated locally and organically.

This time, however, we won’t be talking about the typical market we know—we’ll be discussing the famous Cannabis Farmers’ Market in Seattle, Washington.


Founded in 2010 by Jeremy Miller, it’s the first legal medical cannabis farmers’ market on the planet. It’s also the most attended and largest one of its kind. Its original purpose was to counter the restrictive marijuana regulations and to open a place for medical cannabis patients to obtain quality medicine.


It first launched in Tacoma, but when local police and fire officials started visiting the place consecutively, it was shut down. It moved to Seattle in the year 2013 where it continues to be a monthly enclosed market that’s open and free to all legal medical cannabis patients. Although there are other marijuana farmers’ markets all around Washington, this one has maintained its spot as the most popular one.

What You’ll Find

In this famous market, you’ll find cards and brochures being handed down to patients. This is done to allow them to increase their awareness about the drug as well as about legal cannabis growing. These print materials present detailed explanations of the strains without being dull and too scientific.

Skilled DJs even play music the whole day to keep patients in a fun and elevated mood.

There are also various food vendors that are convenient every time hunger strikes.


Various media acknowledged the Cannabis Farmers’ Market including High Times Medical Marijuana magazine, UK’s Daily Mail, and G4 TV’s Attack of the Show!



The market is conducted in Seattle every first and third Sunday of the month. Patients who are qualified are allowed to use medical marijuana in the specified area. The event doesn’t charge entrance fees, but medical cannabis patients must show a valid ID and medical marijuana license upon entering admission.